Crankshaft Vibration Damper Overhaul

Metaldyne is a well-established global leader in the supply of viscous dampers with a renowned reputation for its technical capability and quality product. Metaldyne offers the repair, support, service, and design of viscous torsional vibration crankshaft and camshaft dampers to a large portfolio of customers.

Optimised Couplings is certified to repair viscous dampers for marine and diesel engines. We have serviced this market exclusively for over 40 years.

List of Services

  • Metaldyne are designers & manufacturers
  • Silicon fluid analysis, testing & results organized through Optimised Couplings
  • Damper repair offered worldwide (Southern Africa:  Optimised Couplings)
  • Off site damper repair / re-conditioning for dampers over 1.5 metre
  • Exchange dampers can be made available
  • New dampers can be made available

worn damper opened for inspection

damper casing

 A reconditioned damper ready for refilling with high viscosity silicone operating fluid









Reconditioned Damper