Diesel & Marine Torsionally Flexible Couplings


The ARCUSAFLEX coupling is a highly flexible flywheel coupling with an axial plug-in facility, providing a torsionally soft connection between an internal combustion engine and a driven machine.

Advantages of the highly flexible ARCUSAFLEX coupling:

  • Very high torsional flexibility with a linear torsional deflection characteristic
  • Backlash-free torque transmission
  • Available in many different versions
  • Available in 15 sizes: from 200 Nm to 110000 Nm
  • Ease of assembly thanks to the plug-in type design with ample axial float
  • High torsional vibration and shock load absorbing capability
  • Compensation of major misalignments
  • Torque limitation protecting the drive against overload
  • Compliant with EU regulation 94/9/EG (ATEX 95)


The highly torsionally flexible ACRUSAFLEX-VSK coupling is used in a drive train when a large shaft offset or an extended distance between the drive and the driven components must be compensated. Depending on the arrangement of the drive train components, a non-uniform motion of the speed may result, and since cardan shafts exhibit some torsion flexibility, the mass of the prime mover and driven machine may induce a resonant system.

Advantages of the highly torsionally flexible ARCUSAFLEX-VSK couplings:

  • Supports & protects universal joints/cardan shafts
  • Eliminates or reduces system torsional vibrations
  • Enhanced damping capacity through frictional damping
  • Available in 9 sizes: from 390 Nm to 20.000 Nm
  • Maintenance-free coupling bearings
  • Radial bearing close to the cardan joint
  • •A variety of designs for different cardan shaft configurations
  • •Many types with SAE connection dimensions or as specified
  • •Compact construction, the highly flexible element being protected by the housing
  • •Fail-safe device visible from the outside for ease of inspection


The MULTI MONT OCTA flywheel coupling is designed specifically as a torsionally flexible drive coupling for units with internal combustion engines. It is used to dampen torsional vibrations and to compensate for misalignments.

Salient features and advantages of the MULTI MONT OCTA flywheel coupling:

  • 6 sizes cover a nominal torque range from 300 to 20,000Nm – for drives up to 2,100Kw at 1,500 rpm.
  • Efficient, torsional vibration and peak torque dampening & absorbing capability
  • Simple, compact & thus low-cost coupling design
  • Coupling hub of spheroidal cast iron as a standard
  • SAE flywheel adaptor plates & specials available
  • Compensation of axial, radial & angular misalignments
  • Failsafe design combined with a high load carrying capability, nevertheless with protection against overload breakage, by means of the existing rated breakpoint
  • Protects the crankshaft &/or connected machine from overload by seizure or generator short circuit.


MULTI MONT couplings have been built in series since 1958. This pluggable claw coupling that has been successfully proven over a number of decades has been permanently updated to the state of the art, and the MULTI MONT SELLA, MULTI MONT DEKA and MULTI MONT GIANT series nowadays cover a torque range from 40 to 1 000 000 Nm.


  • compensate for axial-, radial- and angular misalignments
  • Failsafe & withstand high overloads
  • Use for  pumps, winches, compressors, fans, blowers & thrusters in marine applications
  • Can be readily optimised to retrofit existing drives & can combine with spacers, clutches, torque limiters, etc. or modified for various shaft fitting devices
  • Series spans 22 sizes covering torque ranges from 40 Nm to 1 000 000 Nm
  • are well suited as plug-in type couplings ensuring ease of assembly and alignment
  • allow prompt and easy radial change of the flexible elements
  • are maintenance-free
  • are customizeable for almost every type of mounting situation
  • absorbs shocks and vibrations

TOK-coupling system

Test bench couplings are applied in all types of test benches. Due to market specific requirements, the TOK system is designed with a modular design concept, to be applicable on almost every engine test bench.

For specific requirements, e.g. special-test benches, the standard parts can be combined with specific-designed parts to derive solutions corresponding to individual conditions.

There is an increasing trend for ever-softer torsional couplings in modern marine & diesel engine drives. These couplings are also finding an increasing application is these areas.

Advantages of the TOK-ZW coupling system:

  • Lowest possible torsional stiffness utilizing two flexible elements
  • Simple adjustment of the torsional stiffness by changing of elements
  • Compensation of axial-, radial- and angular misalignment
  • Self-centering, backlash-free and maintenance-free
  • Flanges adapted to DIN or SPICER bolt patterns, respectively on demand
  • Variable installation lengths utilizing telescopic spacer shafts
  • Ideal for highest speed
  • Lowest possible weight by using high-tensile aluminium and CFRP