Holset Drive Couplings

Established in Halifax, UK, circa 1950, Holset Engineering Company developed a range of unique ‘rubber in compression’  coupling designs. This design concept lead to outstanding  long life, maintenance free and fail safe, drive couplings. Suitable for heavy industrial or marine and diesel applications, the couplings have been supplied to South Africa for over 40 years – suiting powers from 1HP upwards and torques from 28Nm to 6,000KNm.

Similar concept couplings, type DCB, have high ranges of torsional flexibility, but are still failsafe (for marine drives). Torques range from 400 Nm to 5,520 KNm  and are couplings adapted for marine and diesel drive applications as well as high – tech compressor drives.

From 1983 onwards, the ranges were extended to include even more torsionally softer couplings through various ‘rubber-in shear’ type coupling designs, developed to suit changing market requirements. These serve torques from 1,000Nm to 30KNm for diesel drives, and 138KNm for marine and compressor drives.

A new MSC coupling was developed to meet the need for low torsional stiffness, together with fail-safe rubber-in compression. These are designed to cover torques up to 375KNm.